Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many-- not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving.

Today the entire United States celebrates one of its most cherished national holidays -- Thanksgiving Day.

It's a day often filled with great food, family get-togethers, and lots of sports

on TV for those who care (Go Steelers and Cowboys!).

But the real intent of the day is to take a break from the daily routine.

To step back and reflect. And then to give thanks for all the blessings we have,

as a nation and as individuals.

Sometimes that's not always easy.

You can either beat yourself up over past mistakes, or learn from them. And

look forward to better days ahead. After all, your life is FILLED with potential...

and opportunities right now… if you only accept them.

Most people dwell on the negative of past mistakes, and that paralyzes them

from creating a better future.

May you find prosperity -- and thankfulness -- in whatever you do.

The road to get there may seem daunting at times…but we can all be thankful

we have the freedom to walk that road together.

And remember … we're always here as your partner in prosperity.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Sierra Infosys, Inc Team 

About Sierra Infosys, Inc 

Antonio Bhardwaj is part of leadership team, at Sierra Infosys, Inc, with over 28 years of 

expertise in building businesses and serving the global community.  Antonio Bhardwaj is a 

published author.  

Antonio Bhardwaj is an executive board member Global International Sellers and Executive 

Vice President for Sierra Infosys, Inc, a global company specializing in BIG Data and 

providing industry led innovation in predictive analysis. Sierra Infosys, Inc harnesses the 

power of SAP HANA by using pre-packaged solutions in SAP EPM, SAP BI & SAP EIM 

solutions on mobile over cloud infrastructure. 

Serving family and community is most important to Antonio Bhardwaj and he strongly 

believes in: " Commitment to serve others goes a long way in building in a character." On 

weekends Antonio Bhardwaj spends time serving food along with his family." 

Antonio Bhardwaj is a candidate for U.S Congress.

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"Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many-- not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some. " Charles Dickens
"Our support to the community is our greatest blessing. Let it flow in abundance. " Antonio Bhardwaj